"There is no present or future without a past and Moncler has a wonderful past"

Moncler has a heritage and a unique positioning in the luxury goods industry worldwide with over 60 years of history, which enables it to combine the brand DNA with innovative, versatile and "timeless" products.

"Nowadays the real luxury is to have a product that lasts in time and that does not change with the trends"

Moncler currently has a recognized excellence in the quality and the innovation of its product, thanks to the ability to perceive new trends, while respecting the brand distinctive characteristics.

Moncler has a business model, which is integrated and focused on quality control and value chain, with the direct management and coordination of the phases with higher added value.

"I believe in a versatile product which is able to capture different styles and ways of usage"

Currently, Moncler’s clientele consists of male and female, transversal and cross-generational individuals. The Moncler products fit a variety of lifestyles and lends itself to many occasions of use, including formal and elegant use as well as a purely sports and daily use.

"In order to communicate a unique product, one must have a unique communication strategy"

Moncler's communication strategy is aimed at generating interest in the brand and product through an innovative and unpredictable process of communication, which will lead to perceive the values of the brand.

Moncler pursue the objective to have a direct control over the distribution network, both wholesale, through direct sales force and through retail. Strengthen Moncler’s exclusive position has been made possible through the brand’s presence in the most important multibrand stores and the main luxury department stores and a retail strategy that hand-picks the world’s most prestigious shopping streets and resorts. The distribution network is also supported by an efficient value-chain.

"Moncler is a globofonic company: it has a global vision with a domestic strategy"

Moncler operates a direct control on the markets where the brand is present, while maintaining a strong coordination with headquarters.
In order to increase and consolidate its global presence, Moncler operates through headquarters and four regional structures (Regions): Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Americas. Each of these regions, in coordination with the headquarters, manages the development of the retail and wholesale channels in the countries of operation.

"I want to be amazed by the talent of others"

Moncler has a cohesive, motivated and experienced senior management team, who is driven by Remo Ruffini as Chairman and CEO, and who has demonstrated the ability to generate significant results in key areas for the consolidation of the Group, such as the development of the retail channel and the strengthening of the wholesale one, the brand management and the geographic expansion.